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Stunning Maui sunset overlooking Kaho’olawe

Stunning Maui sunset overlooking Kaho’olawe

Standing in awe at 3,000 feet above sea level on a mountainside on the southeast side of Maui, I was riveted to the most stunning sunset as I watched the sun slowly descend behind the puffy purple clouds softening the sky in a smoothie pastel shades of pink, yellow nectar, and orange glow delicious to the mind’s eye. The majestic sunset will forever be etched in my memory.If you're preparing this trip, make certain to have a look at the travel luggage review at untourengrece


A week later I can still feel myself standing on the mountainside along the southeast side of Maui mesmerized by the brilliant pastel sunset that filled the evening sky. The barren and smallest of the Hawaiian Island is Kaho’olawe and a half moon-like Molokini Crater on the south side of Maui can be seen in the foreground of the photograph.

I posted the above sunset picture on my Funtastic Travels Facebook page for my Facebook followers to enjoy the magical sunset I witnessed on Maui. One of my Facebook follower Molokini Crater commented ‘Maui was voted the #1 Island in the world by Conde Nast’ a Travelers magazine for 20 consecutive years now. I Google for the article, read it, and eagerly nodded my head in wholehearted agreement with what I had just read!

According to Conde Nast’s readers choice they have voted Maui as the # 1 out of 25 Top Islands in the World, and may I add ‘The Top 10 Islands in the United States,” too. Wholeheartedly, I agree with Conde Nast’s readers’ choice of voting Maui as one of the best Island to visit in the world. I have vacationed on Maui several times in the past, and the most recent was with my husband as we enjoyed a long weekend getaway. Being back on the stunning “Valley Isle” again brought to my remembrance how beautiful and magical Maui is.